2nd Editor's Talk

Agricultural production without animal husbandry - is that possible?

Sustainability and climate neutrality are buzzwords of our time. The focus is often on animal husbandry and the call for meat renunciation and thus ultimately also the renunciation of animal husbandry. Is agricultural production without animal husbandry really sustainable and sensible?

In the 2nd Editor's Talk, Peter Radewahn, Managing Director of the German Animal Nutrition Association (DVT) and long-standing editor of FeedMagazine/Kraftfutter, and Prof. Wilhelm Windisch, Professor of Animal Nutrition at the Technical University of Munich, Chair of Animal Nutrition, discuss the various aspects. Windisch sets clear accents: "80% of the plant-grown and produced food is not edible for humans. However, this quantity contains a great many nutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorus. To be able to recycle these sensibly for crop production, it makes sense to feed them to animals and thus keep them." Windisch demonstrates how a sensible cycle is possible in the interview.

The interview was conducted in German.